Friday, May 16, 2008

'True Academy Fantasia' is back!

(...) After last year's staggering success - a season of highly talented contestants and striking personalities - can the TV wizard still weave his magic and keep viewers glued to cable channels instead of switching to free TV's juicy tob-joob (hit and kiss) soap operas?
(...) While viewers have become familiar with the format, and despite suspected manipulation, this reality show's real people, real tears and real emotions can be profoundly moving, as well as addictive. Giving advance warning of what's to come on True AF 5, Attaphon [Executive producer Attaphon Na Bangxang ] says with a sparkle in his eyes, "As always, anything can happen. This provides the thrills and chills. The more shocking the twists, the more fun it is to watch."
(...) The show telecasts the lives of a bunch of 12 hopefuls, known as nak la fun (dream chasers), round the clock in a house-cum-training camp. Hidden cameras capture them doing everything from taking singing, acting and dance classes, to preparing themselves for the weekly live concert at Thunderdome, Muang Thong Thani, during which the contestant with the least SMS votes is eliminated.
"TV viewers may at first have thought of it as a singing contest," says Attaphon. "They have a timeless appeal, like the Eurovision Song Contest, one of the longest running television shows in the world, now in its 52nd year,"
"True AF offers that magical singing contest ingredient, but it's much more than a talent show and over the last four seasons viewers have come to realise that it's a popularity contest. The reality show component allows them to see the contestants' true nature, their good and bad habits. And they may pick their favourite because of an affinity with a certain personality, rather than simply because someone is a good singer."

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