Sunday, August 19, 2012

Around the World on Your Computer








New York at Night 



Switzerland - the Alps 


Aerial photos by Ivan Rvslyakvf 



 Golden Gate Bridge in Fog


 Moscow at Night





 Victoria Falls -  Zambia  and Zimbabweborder


 Horseshoe  Bend ,  Colorado River - Arizona


 Venezuela -  Angle   Falls


 Maldives at night


 Las Vegas at dusk


 Miami,  Florida  -  America


 Bangkok -  Thailand


 Artificial islands (Palm)  Dubai


 A - Petri, Crimea - Ukraine


 Petronas  Towers  -  Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia


 Minaret Kali -  Bukhara ,  Uzbekistan


 San Juan River -  Utah ,  America


 Mono  Lake  -  California ,  America


Underwater photography -  Maldives 







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