Saturday, May 10, 2008

'Brother of Destruction' project : ราศีสิงห์ หมู่เลือดB มั่นใจ กล้าแสดงออก

Version2 of 'Brother of Destruction' project. This time, me, Pat, act as a dude who completely lost his mind and is currently dating with a TeddyBear. the thing is, that TeddyBear belonged to his girlfriend before she passed away 2yrs ago. He cant accept the fact that she died so he live his daily life with her favorite doll which symbolize her.

Special thanx to
Directer/Camera man
Edit/cut, technicians, making the film, producers, so on, etc.
Me, Russ, Wii, Louis and TeddyBear

Thanx everyone who watch, pls leave a comment

This song is
Come back to me (English)
by Se7en
For university project, we made this With the whole new story line
which does not involve in any of
copy right violation.

ราศีสิงห์ หมู่เลือดB มั่นใจ กล้าแสดงออก อายุตอนนี้ 22ปี (ยังไม่บริบูรณ์) สูง 171 ซม. หนัก 70กก.